12 May 2004

Sen. James Inhofe is Mentally Ill

This lunatic has fallen off the far branches of even loony wing-nuttery and gone straight into the abyss of serious sociopathic craziness. He's unfit for office and should be forcibly relieved of his duties and sent to a mental institution where he can receive the psychiatric help he so desperately needs.

He's "outraged at the outrage" -- someone tell me what that means -- and seems to be upset not that we're raping, murdering and torturing prisoners all throughout a large, extra-legal jail system that answers to nobody and disrespects any sort of international law, not that the "humanitarian do-gooders" he derides (aka the Red Cross) have been ignored by the White House for almost a year, not that Rumsfeld and the rest of the administration have been burying and or hiding this hot potato for five months, not that we've now proven ourselves to be little better than the regime we've replaced ... no, no, he's upset because we're paying attention to it. Even John McCain had to walk out on this baboon.

Read that again. He's upset at the publicity, not the crimes, which he dismisses as being "wrong" as in "fraternity prank" wrong.

Now, he's not the only one who has taken this position - Rush Limbaugh, clearly back on the good stuff, has blown off the photos as soldiers "having a good time." Dennis Miller, who drinks so heavily that he often appears to be stoned on his own show and who has to pay his audience to show up, agrees. And of course, there's Ann "Adam's Apple" Coulter, who has long since been found to be clinically insane.

But what pushes Inhofe off the cliff of sanity is his defense of indefensible behaviour simply by right of Divine Providence ... we're America, and we can do whatever we want, including destroy god's creation if we take such a notion. He's anti-abortion and pro-death penalty (typical Republican hypocrite), says life is precious -- but not if it's Iraqi life, apparently.

Then there's the fact that he's the one Senator who claims that global warming is a complete hoax ... another tinfoil-hat idea that was long ago dismissed to the lunatic fringe. This cuckoo has been wrong in the head for a looong time.

So, are the natives of Oklahoma going to do anything about this moron ... or should we just write off the state as populated mainly by hillbillies who elect unstable imbeciles to public office? Maybe the problem is that they're too close to Texas ... that can't be good for their mental development ...