08 April 2004

Nice Job, Condi, But It Ain't Flyin'

Here's what the mainstream news media will completely fail to tell you when they endlessly summarise her testimony:
ï She's still lying/misstating/deliberately misleading. CAP has a fact-check.
ï Because she was under oath, she apparently decided to retract/correct/stop lying about some things that Richard Clarke said, and admit that Clarke was focused on Al-Queda when the Bushies weren't. Again, from CAP:
CLAIM: "While we were developing this new strategy to deal with al-Qaeda, we also made decisions on a number of specific anti-al-Qaeda initiatives that had been proposed by Dick Clarke."

FACT: Rice's statement finally confirms what she previously ñ and inaccurately ñ denied. She falsely claimed on 3/22/04 that "No al-Qaida plan was turned over to the new administration." [Washington Post, 3/22/04]
I must stress this: no mainstream media outlet will mention this. No conservative talk show will mention it. Faux News will not only not mention it, but claim Condi proved Clarke was lying -- because they're idiots.
ï The majority of the testimony heard by the 9/11 Commission, including Rice's, supports Richard Clarke's/Paul O'Neil's version of events.

I was particularly struck by the summary of her testimony provided by some of the 9/11 family members who attended. This summary from the carefully-neutral Christian Science Monitor:
After the hearing, several felt the administration was clearly lax in its response to the terrorist threat. "If [Bush and Rice] had paid attention to [the August 6th presidential briefing], my son would be alive," says Bob McIlvaine, whose son, Bobby, died in the World Trade Center attack. "I think it's a disgrace."

Pearl Williams drove 12 hours from Alabama to watch the hearing. "She was trying to blame the previous administration .... She should have come right out and admitted she had made mistakes," says Ms. Williams.
It should be noted that the day after President Bush received a Presidential Daily Briefing with the title "Bin Laden is Determined to Attack the United States" which said in no uncertain terms that he had the capability to hijack airplanes and that "preparations for hijacking" were underway, Bush went on a month-long vacation.

Impeach this son-of-a-bitch NOW. I don't care if he's going to lose in six months. Write your congresscritter and the editor of your local newspaper today.

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