26 June 2003

Watch This ... BOMB!

Microsoft spends about ten times what Apple does on R&D.

Apple earlier this week showed off a fair chunk of what they've spent their money on ... the fastest personal computer in the world, the first 64-bit modern desktop computer, an incredible new way to organise one's desktop, audio/video conferencing for the rest of us, and by far the best MP3 player and multimedia software the world knows.

Microsoft also just showed off a fair chunk of what they've shot their R&D wad on ... a watch that makes you pay a $10/month subscription fee.

While I will be the first to admit that a watch that can convert from analog to digital display is kinda neat-o, and I'll even confess than some of the other theoretical features like traffic reports, directions, news summaries and weather/temperature info are kinda cool ... then comes the moment I remember that this is supposed to happen on a watch with a visual screen 1/3rd the size of your average cellphone (or about 1/8th the size of a PDA screen, aka "a postage stamp"), and that I'm expected to pay $10/month for this. Then I come back down to earth and have a good, hearty laugh at Microsoft's expense.

I can see John Cameron Swayze now ... "Microsoft's Q Watch. It takes a licking and keeps on ... oops."

Bum: "Hey buddy, what time is it?"
Man: "I don't know, I have a virus."

Microsoft ... helping you spot the idiots since 1995.

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