16 June 2003

Bush War Lies #8

Just in case you're still hanging on to the shred of hope that some snippet of what George Bush has been telling us about Iraq, here I think is the straw that will break the camel's back.

A thorough British analysis now shows that the "mobile biological weapons labs" that both Bush and Blair have claimed are proof of WMDs ... are not mobile biological weapons labs, "nor could they be." They are, exactly as the Iraqis have claimed all along, mobile hydrogen labs for anti-artillary balloons.

Well over 200 sites have been completely searched, most of the top Iraqi officials and scientists have now been captured and interviewed, and any leads provided by locals has been long since exhausted -- so much so that the unit first sent to search for these weapons is now on paid time off.

As appalled as I am that no WMDs have been found despite very specific claims as to their nature and location, I am even more appalled that the conservative media giants now ask people in poll questions "does it matter if we find WMDs or not?"

Does it matter???

Does it matter if we went to war for no reason? Does it matter if the President and his administration lied to Congress, to the American public and to the world? Does it matter if hundreds of soldiers from various countries (not counting Iraq) died for nothing? Does it matter if thousands of Iraqi civilians and soldiers died for nothing?

Does it matter??? Sheesh.

Are we saying that it's okay to lie to the people if you are a Republican talking about leading our nation into war and exposing us all to increased danger from terrorism, but not if you're a Democrat trying to hush up an embarrassing and sordid affair? Or are we saying that it's okay to put the lives of our troops at great risk through deception, but bad to get a blowjob while you're in office?

Next time you wonder why our kids turn out so stupid and ethically challenged as to provide never-ending fodder for the Jerry Springers of this world, try re-reading the above mixed messages.

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