07 June 2003

Bush War Lies #6

And now, finally, the truth begins to come out:

The US Defense Department admits that its intelligence agency said there was no reliable information about possible chemical weapons in Iraq.


Somebody lied, and those somebodies are Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. And George Bush. And Colin "This is Bullshit" Powell. And Condy Rice. And this creepy Wolfowitz character who suddenly seems to be in charge. And Ari "Even I Can't Keep a Straight Face" Fleisher.

Oh, and let's not forget the hilarity of Don Snow's outrageous claims that huge deficits combined with favour-the-rich tax cuts are a great idea.

Indeed, is there anyone at the top level of this administration who isn't a sociopathic, habitual liar?? Anybody??

Dammit, I want at least the same level of Congressional investigation and witch-hunting as Clinton got. That was one guy lying about a blowjob. This is an entire administration with a disturbing agenda and absolutely no ethics whatsoever. Since you were going to send a note to your congressperson anyway (about the FCC ignoring the wishes of the public and giving away our airwaves, remember?), throw in a note about how you demand hearings. Subpoenas. Convictions and resignations.

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