01 June 2003

Bush War Lies #3

Lessee, what do we have today? Yes, there's fresh evidence coming fast and furious (or should that be 2Fast 2Furious?) these days that when it comes to Presidential Credibility, Bush seems determined to one-up the previous champion of Executive Untruth, Bill Clinton.

Today, we discover that Australia's spys knew -- and informed the government -- that the United States was lying about Iraq's WMD status. Gosh, why are we the last to know? Oh yeah, because we're being manipulated. Doh!

(tip o the hat to Bob Harris at Tom Tomorrow's This Modern World for the heads-up).

But if you're still holding on tenaciously to your misguided belief that Dubya is at least "basically a good man," well what can I say but gawd bless ya, you're the naive and deluded salt of the earth and I wouldn't have it any other way. But there is a handy-dandy test of Bush's true agenda coming up, if you're interested ...

As we've seen, longtime fugative and mad bomber Eric Rudolph was finally captured. Now, if we are to believe the government on this one, this man bombed abortion clinics and killed people (including police officers), bombed gay clubs and killed people, and bombed the Atlanta Olympics and injured lots of people (killed one, but not directly), then evaded justice and has apparently been breaking the law ever since by living as a burglar.

Sounds like he deserves at least the death penalty to me. But given that this particular mad bomber is a pro-life, anti-gay mad bomber who's agenda is in lockstep with the current Attorney General, let's just see how aggressively the Justice Dept. pursues this case, shall we?

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