30 June 2003

At Last, the "Liberal Media" Has Been Found!

You've all heard me say over and over that the myth of the liberal media (and particularly any liberal media conspiracy -- oh, that's funny! How I wish!) is as dead as Strom Thurmond -- and that was before he actually passed on (and now that his body is back in the capital building, I have to ask -- how can they tell he's actually dead?).

So imagine my chagrin when I discover a hotbed of liberal media bias in exactly the last place I would have thought to look -- the Army Times, the newspaper of our largest and currently most in-danger armed forces.

They seem to think our current President is full of shit, and says one thing while doing another.

Fancy that.

Here, read it yourself. Quick, because it's likely to get pulled.

Update: Son of a bitch, they did pull it. Here's an alternate link, courtesy of Daily Kos. Let freedom blog!

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