14 May 2003

MSN, We Hardly Loo Ye

Okay, follow the bouncing ball here:

First, MSN (UK) announces (complete with official press release and technical drawings) the iLoo, an internet-enabled portable toilet. I kid you not.

After a week of everyone on the planet laughing their buttocks off, Microsoft haughtily claims it was all just a joke. A hoax.

That they pulled on themselves. Riiiiight.

Now, after strong evidence has come forward that this was a real product and that MSN UK wasn't kidding about it, Microsoft have now reversed themselves yet again and are now saying that it was a real proposal by MSN UK, but that it was "designed to appeal to a different kind of British humour" and so it was both real and a joke.

You got all that?

Remember kids -- this is the company that wants you to believe in their "Trustworthy Computing Initiative."

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