31 May 2003

Bush War Lies: A Short Roundup

1. Still no WMDs. Not even anything close to WMDs. Rumsfeld now admits that the WMDs were "probably buried or destroyed years ago, I don't know."

2. The British press are reporting that the dossier used by both Tony Blair and George Bush (and Colin Powell) to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq was a plagerised version of a paper written at least five and more likely 10 years ago. New "information" was added to it that has no verification, such as the claim that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons that he could use within 45 minutes. It's already been established that one of the early reports used to justify the invasion was plagerized from a fictionalised paper.

3. CBS says that the bunker we bombed at the start of the invasion doesn't even exist. Yessir, US intelligence under the Bush administration is rapidly becoming a contradiction in terms.

4. NPR reports that the Bush administration discarded real intelligence reports in favour of made-up reports from Donald Rumsfeld's associates, which have no basis in fact.

5. The family of Private Jessica Lynch, who was rescued from Iraq, have been told that they cannot talk about her rescue. They did add, however, that she has full memory of the events. They (and she) just can't talk about them.

This on the heels of a BBC (you know, those pandering bleeding-heart leftwingers who were the only actual allies in our "coalition"?) report that the "rescue" was a staged event. Witnesses interviewed by the BBC claim there were no Iraqi soldiers present at the hospital, that Pvt. Lynch never suffered bullet wounds, was never under guard, and that nobody offered the slightest bit of resistance to her "rescue."

It is highly suspicious that this so-called "Special Ops" operation thought to bring along a professional media videographer. For the first and only time ever in their history. Seems kind of odd.

Update: Here's a handy collection of lies from the Bush administration as they sold us this war bill of goods, all in one convenient place. Bravo to Billmon for compiling and sourcing them. Send em to your local newspaper editor.

And there's lots more where this came from. Stay tuned.

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