08 March 2003

Misc. Notes

The full CULTural Calendar for March is now broadcast. You can see it here, or if you use iCal you can subscribe to it here.

Ultra-Deb rocks my world.

The real action around the CHASbah for the next week to ten days will be over on the other site, Film Moi. I'll be attending the 12th Annual Florida Film Festival, and I hope to have a new set of reviews up each and every day over there (in honor of Mike Menello's "new trailer a day" performance art, which we may talk about more later). Just so you know.

Just by coincidence, today I socialised with every blogger in Orlando I know. Heidi from The Sushi Worshipper, Rich from Suburban Limbo and the aforementioned Ultra-Deb. If we can find another couple of local bloggers, I'd be interested in arranging an Orlando Blogger meet-up of some kind. Get in touch (see email address to your left, under the picture of the smug guy).

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