05 February 2003

Welcome FILM MOI!

I've decided to split off my growing desire to do some film commentary (I practically do it for a living now anyway) onto it's own blog. Add Film Moi to your list of weekly-read links if you think you would enjoy my reviews of the films I see (and believe me, I see more movies than you).

Be forewarned that this is not the place to read a lot of reviews of mainstream films. For a start, there are plenty of other places to do so, and probably far better written than I could muster. I'll occasionally see and review a "mainstream" film (I'll add my review of The Two Towers there soon), but by and large what interests me are what I call "art-house movies." Classics. Documentaries. Foreign films. Cult stuff. Obscurities. Revivals. Artsy-Fartsy Stuff (tm).

No Mac discussions, no Bush discussions (unless the film happens to deal with these topics). Just reviews and rants about films you might otherwise miss, because they never play the multiplex (or if they do, they get pulled after a week).

I hope you enjoy it.

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