02 January 2003

CULTural Calendar: Update and News

Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog -- let's hope 2003 turns out to be a good year for all despite a rather unpromising start. I hope you had a great holiday and are ready to get back at it.

I've partially updated Chas' CULTural Calendar for Orlando for January -- it will be fully updated by the time most of you read this. As a reminder, anyone can go and have a look by clicking on the link here, and if you have iCal you can automatically subscribe to it by clicking here.

Speaking of iCal, the world's coolest calendar program got an update that improves performance which you can obtain from here, and if you have a bluetooth phone, a Palm-compatible PDA or an iPod (lucky!), you should further download iSync so that your iCal can serve as your one-stop personal organiser that auto-syncs to all your devices. How cool is that?

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