12 November 2002


I know I will sound like a sore loser for writing this, but keep in mind two things:

1. It's the truth. An actual verifiable fact. Every word is 100% true.

2. I'm not a registered Democrat, nor do I automatically vote for Democrats. There are plenty of bad apples in both major parties, in my honest opinion.

Okay, here's the food for thought:

Back in 2000, Al Gore won the race for president by over 500,000 votes. Even today, nobody in the entire country believes George W. won anything apart from a few court cases, and even if they do believe he actually won the election (he didn't), even his most ardent supporters will agree that he didn't get a majority, or a mandate.

In the most recent midterm elections, the media makes it seem as though the Democrats have really fallen badly in popularity. To hear the Conservative Republican All-Media Propagandists (CRAMPs) tell the tale, the Democrats are about as popular as three-week-old lindberger cheese.

It's true that the Democrats lost out on some important races. But the margins are much thinner than you think. If just 50,000 people in three key states had voted differently, the Senate would now be in Democratic hands. That's 50,000 people out of the 77 million people who voted.

I'd also like to point out that only 39% of eligible voters even bothered to vote, an all-time low even for mid-term elections. I'm honestly shocked about this, I thought the Republicans (and the liberal wing of the Democrats) were so rabid and gung-ho, but apparently not. They apparently make up only about 20% of the voting population (roughly half of the people who voted). I find this surprising, don't you?

Something I wish more of the "winners" would bear in mind: neither party has the real support of the American people.

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