28 October 2002

The "Switch Back" Ad Fiasco Continues

Yet another report looking nicely summarising both the original MS ad fiasco and later pulling of yet another fake testimonial, briefly mentioned here last week, courtesy of the (UK) Independent. They covered all the relevant points in the incident, but regrettably did not mention the disturbing "MSN Butterfly fiasco" that happened immediately afterwards.

Luckily, Applelinks has a short (and regrettably not illustrated) comment on how creepy the new MSN butterfly is. I agree that their description of the logo as "a winged 'psycho killer' figure reveals a dehumanizing insensitivity that is simply appalling" is pretty much on-target.

UPDATED: Here's a picture of the creepy MSN buttery man. Judge for yourself. Personally, I think the Tick has sold Arthur up the river.

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