29 October 2002

Maybe I Should Just Rename This Page "MS Watch"

Here's an article that has a professor from Cambridge University saying that Microsoft is lying about Palladium, it's new "you think it means security, we know it means we get to control everything" technology. If you want my opinion, anyone who buys a Palladium-enabled computer (regardless of OS) should have his head examined.

Anyway, in the article the professor claims that MS's FAQ about Palladium is full of misstatements, half-truths and outright lies. Gracious! Really? Ya think??

I particularly liked this part:
Microsoft stressed that at all stages the user will have control over what the software does to their data, with the user defined as the owner of the PC.

But Dr Anderson said: "You can choose to use Palladium in the same way people 'choose' to use Windows: if you want to run a business or exchange data with anyone else you'll have to use it."

And you wonder why Mac users are laughing at you ...

Oh, and here's yet another story about a company who tried to ally itself with Microsoft, only to get squashed like a bug when MS was done with them. Golly! Surprise is written all over my face!

I watched this sort of thing happen first-hand to a local company. Don't read this thinking this is anything new.

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