05 October 2002

Can I Get ìThe Napster Storyî Off of Kazaa?

So I'm reading that Shawn Fanning (of Napster fame) is probably going to star in an MTV-produced movie about his tumultous rise and subsequent fall. Just another way for MTV to avoid having to play any actual music videos, I think to meself. But then I read where Alex Winter (who most of you will remember as the other half of Bill and Ted) is writing and directing.

This is a good thing. Alex was always way funnier and way smarter than Keanu (for starters, Alex was just pretending to be a stoner moron). I remember Winter's short-lived MTV sketch comedy show The Idiot Box with great affection. Who here recalls Eddie the Flying Gimp?

While I can never quite forgive Alex for helping to popularise both the phrase "duuude!" and Keanu to the public at large (and is thus peripherally responsible for that pox on humankind Steven the Dell Dude), Alex has at least tried to redeem himself. I wish him luck trying to turn the story of a lazy thief who rode the dot-com wave to its hilt into something resembling social commentary. But if I were him, I'd do what Fanning did -- take the money and run.

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