15 July 2002

Not Falling For It, Georgie

I love how George W., our selected leader, thinks the entire US has the same miniscule attention span he does.

Deficits! Corporate Scandal that Reaches Into the White House! War on Terror, What War on Terror? Baseball Strike! Greatly Increased Threat to Americans from Terrorism! Hopes of Peace Fade in Israel

So what does ol' Shrub do?

No "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance?! We gotta do something about this! Oh, wait, maybe we should bomb Hussein, even though we have nothing factual on him except that he's generally a bad person!! Er, no! Let's call for the elimination of corporate sleazy practices that I myself leveraged to become rich in the first place!

It's called diversion, and it went out of style around the time the shell-game vendors left the sidewalks of New York City. That doesn't mean the morons who watch and believe Fox News won't fall for it, though.

For the record, "under God" has absolutely no place in the Pledge of Allegiance. It wasn't there to start with, and was only added a decade after WWII by some wooly-thinking Republican stooge trying to out-Christian everybody.

But when you look at how terribly wrong this country has gone in the short period of time since the Supreme Court suspended free elections and installed GW, whether "under God" is in the damn Pledge of Alligiance is about as important as debating whether the Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben were married.

We're smarter that that, people. Yes, even the PC users. :)

Now will someone out there explain to me how if Hillary Clinton uses some inside knowledge to make a tidy profit in stocks, she should be hanged at dawn, but if Bush gets his own board of directors to loan him money he never repays, and Cheney practically admits on tape that Arther Anderson cooked the Halliburton books, making them both wealthy powerful men who were in a position to use that wealth to buy their respective offices, there is no effort made to punish or impeach these gentlemen?

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