20 May 2002

Colour Me Impressed

Last week, you'll recall, I posted a lengthy diatribe about Microsoft and their bug-ridden and insecure brower Internet Explorer. I also noted that according to my site stats, about 90% of you were using some version of that browser.

A day or so later, I posted a note letting you know that Mozilla 1.0rc1 is out (they've now released a second release candidate, and another one may be on the way before we get to 1.0 final) and works well enough that I can finally, honestly, and completely say there's something out there that trumps IE.

I'm pleased to report that in just the past week, "Netscape" (which covers Mozilla as far as my stats site is concerned) has gone from about 4% to 22% "marketshare," and IE (all versions) has dropped from 90% to 76%.

Let's hope it's a sign of things to come. AOL seems to think so -- I have received word from a source there that not only will the next version of AOL for Macs (running OS X) dispense with the built-in IE browser in favour of one based on Mozilla, but that this could happen for PCs in the not-too-distant future. Talk about instant marketshare -- woah!

Geez, maybe web designers will have to go back to actually designing sites that adhere to Internet standards!

I love it when people have a choice. :)

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